An Agile Adventure

by bishopofagile

An Agile AdventureYou’ll have to forgive me if previous posts convey the impression that I regard Agile as simply an elaborate practical joke that exists solely to wring cash out of clueless organizations and unworldly cretins. Nothing could be further from the truth, and to prove it I present you with a wonderful and educational gift.

This exciting “graphic novel” produced, we have to assume, in earnest by PMI shows how Agile(R) skills are not just of use in the Scrum room of a dull IT company but can save lives godammit! Experience the thrills as Angela, our plucky protagonist, manages to not just save a little girl from an icy death but also free a crack team of project managers who could have been trapped in a luxury hotel for several inconvenient days! As others lose their heads, she calmly uses her knowledge of the Agile Approach(tm), to make signs, arrange meetings and facilitate the deployment of information radiators. Without wanting to spoil the end of the story, it’s worth noting that she never lets her ego get in the way of The Agile Approach, and invites everyone else to congratulate themselves in a sincere display of selflessness. Woo-hoo! they all shout joyfully, for they feel happy to have been part of the experience. But deep down acknowledge that Angela alone was responsible for the success.

Think on Hollywood – perhaps it’s about time someone remade The Poseidon Adventure with an Agile hero!

(Thanks to Mr Fritz for sending me this gem)