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Month: July, 2012

Agile Gift Voucher

Here it is! A cut-out-and-keep Genuine(R) Agile(R) Voucher with the value of 13 Genuine(R) Agile(R) points:

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Lessons not learned

Seven months after our official launch date, as estimated by the extraordinary powers of Agile, we launched our new software. Even to the most meagre intelligence it must be obvious that it took this length of time because that’s how long it takes to produce a viable product using our current “Agile” process. I’m only glad that the people higher up were able to delay release until all of the problems were ironed out. Obviously they aren’t all ironed out, but that’s software development for you. At least now I’m not embarrassed to be associated with the released product.

A few months back, our born-again-Agile-boss came out with one of the most fatuous statements imaginable; faced with the fact that each team failed to finish every “Story” in the allotted time of a two week “Iteration”, we were described as being “addicted to overhang”. Let’s put this another way: the fact that we can’t produce the goods in our arbitrarily allotted time-span isn’t because the requirement is unreasonable, it’s that we are “addicts” of not finishing on time. It’s truly cathartic to get this out by the way – it has been gnawing away at my soul.

Yes we addicts of lateness have finally managed to get a product out. We are genuinely happy about that.

My only gripe is that the management have learned nothing from the past year; we have a new platform to launch and we have a new arbitrary deadline that is not feasible. Not only are the management pretending that it *is* feasible but the middle management, composed entirely of contractors from a consultancy that I now consider to be more of a church than an IT firm, go along with the fantasy plans.

Can’t we stop lying for a few minutes a day? Can’t we be honest?

No. We can’t. That’s the rule apparently.

Honesty leads to tears, literally. That is how fucked our company is.